2020 Census: Information For Cedar Rapids Businesses

New businesses. New jobs. New offices. Census data helps businesses in communities across the nation make smarter decisions.

The 2020 Census is coming up, and the City of Cedar Rapids has joined a Complete Count Committee comprised of leaders from Linn County, the City of Marion, public libraries, community organizations, and more to help encourage awareness and participation at the local level.

Conducted once every 10 years, the census is the constitutionally-required count of every person living in the United States. The state of Iowa received approximately $8.7 billion through data derived from the 2010 census, which goes toward roads, health care, low-incoming programs, and other local projects.

Across the nation, U.S. Census Bureau data helps inform how $689 billion in public funding is used, including infrastructure programs for highway planning and construction, federal transit, and rural water and waste disposal systems. No matter what highway you travel, chances are census data helped put it there.

More specifically, the 2020 Census will provide data to small businesses that is essential to help them grow and succeed. This data can help businesses better understand how to serve their customers, where to open new locations, and where to find a skilled workforce.

Census data helps inform future business decisions such as:

  • Expansions and closures
  • Hiring strategies
  • Products to offer
  • Targeting your consumer base
  • Engaging your environment and community

Encourage your employees to respond to the census when they receive their letter March 2020.  Responses are safe, secure, and protected by federal law.

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