Distribution Services in Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids: centrally located with superb connectivity

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is well-positioned for companies that depend upon transportation. Our central U.S. location puts us within a day’s truck drive of more than 72 million North American consumers. Interstate 380, nearby Interstate 80, and U.S. Highways 30 and 151 gives companies rapid access for both inbound and outbound shipments, and our extensive network of short line, regional, and Class I rail carriers provides access in every direction, including quick travel to river and deep-water ports. Plus, Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) offers nonstop major carrier service to key business cities across the nation, and serves as a major air cargo hub and Foreign Trade Zone.

Combined with the low cost of doing business here, that location makes Cedar Rapids a natural site for companies in the logistics, distribution, and trucking industries. It’s why transportation leaders like Thompson Trucking, Westside Transport, and CRST International are here -- and it’s why national companies like Nordstrom Direct and H.J. Heinz decided to locate major distribution facilities in our area. Cedar Rapids has added more than 3 million square feet of distribution/warehouse space in recent years -- and we have plenty of room for your company!


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