Bio/food Scientists

Cedar Rapids: a healthy choice for food processing & bio-processing company growth

Cedar Rapids, Iowa has rich resources and an abundance of talent that’s ideal for companies in food processing and production, as well as allied fields in the bio-agriculture sector. Our city has long been recognized as one of North America’s leading centers for food ingredient production and bio-processing, with large operations from Quaker Oats, Cargill, DuPont Industrial Biosciences, Ingredion, Archer Daniels Midland, and Diamond V Mills, among others.

A key reason for our preeminence in the industry is the astounding supply of agricultural inputs in our region, including grains, other crops, and livestock. In recent years, we’ve earned a reputation for innovative biotechnology. Local residents have a long tradition of feeding America and the world, with all the skills companies in this sector need. Their knowledge is backed through a variety of educational programs and research from the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and other post-secondary providers in life sciences, food sciences, nutrition, bio-systems, and mechanical and chemical engineering.

In addition to an impressive infrastructure for companies in the sector, our location and transportation network puts us within a one-day truck trip of 72 million North American consumers. We have quick access to interstates and highways, an extensive network of short line, regional, and Class I rail service, and are a short distance from river and deepwater shipping.

Utility costs are remarkably lower, and our wastewater systems do not require treatment, reducing capital costs and operating expenses. Existing waste streams present a tremendous opportunity for innovators who have developed systems for reuse or recycling. Our city welcomes and encourages companies that will transform tomorrow’s world.

We offer the right ingredients to make your food/bioprocessing company successful. Let’s talk about how our competitive advantages can work for you.