Cedar Rapids Location

Cedar Rapids: within a day’s drive of 72 million consumers

Look at a U.S. map, and you’ll see that Cedar Rapids, Iowa is close to the center. More important, that central location puts us within a day’s truck drive of more than 72 million consumers in North America. With Interstate Highway 380 and nearby Interstate 80 and U.S. Highways 30 and 151, your company has easy access to raw materials and the ability to quickly move your finished goods to market.

If you ship by rail, you’ll be pleased with our community’s extensive rail network. You’ll have responsive service from multiple short line, regional, and Class I carriers, giving you access to every direction, and to Mississippi River and deep-water ports.

Eastern Iowa Airport (KCID) offers nonstop major carrier service to key business cities across the nation, and serves as a major air cargo hub and Foreign Trade Zone that handles more than 20,000 tons of cargo each year. With an 8,600-foot runway, the airport accommodates cargo jets and has an FBO equipped to handle the largest corporate jets. The adjacent McCallum Sweeney-certified Cedar Rapids Land and Air Super Park offers more than 500 acres of development-ready land with utilities and infrastructure already in place.

You know where to find us; now come visit in person.

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