United Fire Group HQ - Downtown Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids: a longtime financial services and insurance center

You may not think of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in the same category as Wall Street, but you’d probably be surprised at the number of top-tier insurance and financial services firms that call us home. Ever heard of Transamerica? GE Commercial Finance? Toyota Financial Services? United Fire Group? Those and others in the sector appreciate our business-friendly climate and our community’s highly skilled talent. In fact, Iowa’s insurance industry output ranks third nationally.

Beyond supportive state laws, a cooperative attitude among local leaders, and a large pool of workers who understand insurance and financial services, Cedar Rapids offers an abundance of resources. State universities and local colleges turn out highly educated graduates who are ready to prove themselves, and offer convenient ways for existing employees to expand their knowledge. The cost of doing business here is substantially lower than in the nation’s other financial centers, so profitability is higher and compensation goes farther. Your leadership and employees can enjoy a quality of life that would be out of reach in most places. Plus, we’re in the Central time zone, making it easier to business with both coasts.

Cedar Rapids has plenty of choices in existing office space, new flex facilities, and land that’s ready for development, as well as one of the nation’s fastest dark fiber networks, giving data centers and customer service centers the bandwidth they need at speeds beyond their expectations. There’s enough fiber to make ringed networks and multiple-carrier service easy to provide, and residential fiber service to support home-based workers.

The bottom line? Cedar Rapids is a great place for your financial services or insurance business. Begin moving your expansion forward today.